Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Window Shopping

I had some errands on Hilton Head yesterday while childless, so of course I stopped in Home Goods. I was well behaved. I only window shopped and dreamt. Here is what I found that I'm contemplating purchases of:

This rug is 8x11. That is what I am thinking will be the perfect size for our living room. The rug is a dusty blue-gray with ivory pattern. My biggest contemplation on this was if I would prefer to find something with a white pattern. I say this because of the proximity to the kitchen cabinets which will be white. 

This mirror is an amazing turquoise color. It is a statement piece. I am thinking this could liven up my half-bath. I contemplated two things for this piece: 1. The paint is lacquer. It would be perfect if it was a dull finish. 2. Will this be too large in proportion to the rest of the half-bath? This is something I would need to hold up on the wall of the bathroom and decide. 

Gosh... I really do like that mirror. 

Okay. Now here's another "Perfection and a Let-Down." Remember this post: Perfection and a Let-Down?? I ended up finding two of these at Marshall's last weekend. But I won't buy them until I find three. Well, I found the cousin (or maybe sister) to that barstool! LOOK! 

Same price. Same gray. Same stainless details. Same wooden legs. And it was yet again counter height! 

SWOON! But, they didn't have three. They only had one. I won't give up. I'm still hunting! 

On another couple notes:
  • Insurance when building a home is a whole 'nother ballgame. You get homeowner's when you live in a home. I don't need that yet. You get builder's risk when building a home. I paid for it yesterday. It will last until the home is complete and we move in. We will then change that policy to a homeowner's. You are required to get flood insurance if your lot is marked in a flood zone. I paid for it yesterday. It will last us for the year. We will renew and pay for another year next July. Two check yesterday. $$$
  • CLOSING DAY! Tomorrow is the day. We close on the construction loan tomorrow morning. I'll practice my signature tonight! hehe.
I heard we may have some workers over on the lot again today. I'll head out tonight to take photos and see what is happening today! We may have framing next week! WOOHOO! 

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