Saturday, September 20, 2014

And Then I Made More Decisions...

Okay. I told you the other day I chose the granite slab for the kitchen. Here's the back story.

Jesse and I met the counter girl at a local slab yard last week. We toured the slab yard in 100 degree heat. Left with names of three types we like. We should have tagged slabs while we were there.... didn't happen.

Need granite for the kitchen, master bath, and MMB's bath. All can be accomplished with two full slabs. We could find one large slab and do the kitchen and then another slab to do both baths.

We were budgeted for "one star" slabs.

I have high taste. I couldn't choose a one star slab. I like slabs with larger grain and lesson black dots, if that makes sense and you know granite.

So we eventually chose one type out of the three we left the slab yard with. We chose electronically to be honest with you. We Googled, Pinterested, and Houzzed pictures of each granite to make a decision. When we had a decision, I wasn't going to change it. I was just going to search until I found the right slab.

We gave the counter girl the type. She began to search for slabs for us. It took time. She didn't get it right the first couple times. We did this all electronically because Jesse and I are only off together on the weekend and granite doesn't happen on the weekend.

We found a slab. Locally, actually. We found a BIG slab. Big enough to complete our entire kitchen. It's above a one star. It's above budget. But keep reading... I had a plan.

Here is the slab that has been marked for us. This slab will be in my kitchen. It's called "Bianco Romano."

So I went above budget here. Had to make it up for the bathrooms. So... I then began the remnant search! Again, all of this is still happening virutally. 

Here is the remnant we chose for our master bath - it is called "Waverton." 

Waverton is in the background. Counter girl put white and gray tiles up against it to help me decide because my cabinets are white and my tile is gray. 
Here is the remnant we chose for MMB's bath - it is called "Grey Expo."

MMB's cabinets are white. Her tub/shower is white. Her tile is gray. 
Choosing these remnants for the bathroom helped me get a good bit back on track for the budget. I am not just about $500 over budget, but made up for the difference in the cabinet budget. I tell ya, one day I make us some money back and the next day I spend too much!

Now let's pray I like all three when I actually see them in person! 

NOTE - Every slab we loved at the slab yard was marble. Counter girl strayed us away from marble like the plague. She said you don't put marble in your kitchen. She said if you spill lemon juice or wine on it the slab is tarnished and the upkeep is quite in-depth. 

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