Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day One of Moving!

We took two loads last night - living and dining room furniture.

We took three loads today - boxes, beds, and stuff for the dumpster. 

Beds are put together. We are sleeping at new house! 

Sunday I may do a run of closets and a run of kitchen, but its supposed to rain all  day... So I see more rest and less work in our future. Plus, today is Trudeau Thanksgiving! 

A couple things we have learned so far. One, our den furniture is too big. Our chair and ottoman now chill in the guest room. Two, MMB has too much stuff! This is the first time in life she does not have a playroom and it sure is noticeable! 

Thanks, Mr Wayne, for helping Jesse with the loads. Thanks, Dad, for being the bed installer!

I need to pinch myself. This is real. We sure are blessed and thankful.

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