Thursday, April 9, 2015


We are in the process of selling our construction loan to a mortgage. This is a normal procedure. Our experience has been anything but normal, however. (Another story for another day.)

One part of this next step is another appraiser coming out to do another appraisal. This time the company appraised the interior and exterior of our home. Five minutes and $470 later... The lady says as she leaves... 

"Your home is absolutely adorable. I love it. It's like a dollhouse."

What did she just say? This two year long project resulted in a dollhouse? Is she serious? That was so not what I was going for. Southern Cottage. Quaint and chic. Clean and classic. Something. Anything. Dollhouse?! 

So cross your fingers she does some magic at her desk and appraisal my said "dollhouse" higher than I could have imagined! It is the only shot at redemption she has.

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