Saturday, October 25, 2014

This Week in Photos

Mirrors I found at Home Goods for Master Bath.
 Mirror I found at Home Goods for Half-Bath.
Master Shower. Photo isn't good. Tile is white subways. Grout is gray. 
Same. Photo doesn't do it justice. 
Two A/C Units.
Fireplace Mantle. (Brick still not complete)
Master Bath tile and shower.
Front Porch. 
Front Porch. 
Laundry Room tile. 

Kitchen Countertops

*Disclaimer - Photos are hard to get in the home because there are no lights.*

Kitchen counter tops were installed on Monday.

Still covered in plastic, but counter tops added.
Counter on island, gray cabinet, pine flooring sample. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Paint Does Wonders

Ceilings are done. Trim is done.

Walls have first coat!

Guest Bed.
Guest Bed. 
Madalynn's Purple! 

More purple. 
Kitchen - Island is painted two shades darker than the walls.
Living Room.
The house is gray. MMB's room is purple. The bathrooms are all a blue - not pictured yet.

Second coat Monday. 

Shower Door Debate...

So my master bathroom shower is a pan bottom with white subway tiles to the ceiling. It is a five foot opening. I ran to the glass place the other day on my lunch to select shower doors for the master shower.

My builder told me to tell the woman my budget first, then show her what I like.

I knew exactly what I wanted, as we have the perfect shower door in the house we are in now. I wanted the same shower door!

Well... you can probably guess that the shower door I wanted wasn't in my budget.

Here is what she told me I could get:

I don't care for the nickel plating all the way around the glass on all sides, top, and bottom. AND, this class is 1/4" thick, so it shakes and rattles every time you open and close the door. 

So when I left there, she was quoting my builder for the door I can afford and the door I want. Awaiting to see how much of a price difference this is. I believe it's going to be worth it to make the upgrade. 


Bricks were added to the front porch and fireplace hearth this week.

Bricks under the front door step
Front steps.
The fireplace surround is still waiting to be bricked, however. My guess is that will happen this week!


Bathroom countertops were installed this week. If you remember from an earlier post, we selected remnants for both bathrooms. They are both quartz. You get a good look at my bathroom countertop in the photo, but Madalynn's won't photograph well until there is light in there. Hers looks like a dark gray slab in the photo, but it's actually quite shimmery when you get your face up to it!

Master Bath Double-Sinks
Madalynn's Bathroom

Kitchen countertops will be installed on Monday!!!

Remember my other slab was deemed unusable - I chose the new slab via email photos. Then, I Facetimed (yes, Facetimed) the guy that was physically cutting my kitchen slab. He showed me where my cuts where going to be and showed me how he fit my entire kitchen from one large slab. It was kinda interesting, but weird to do over Facetime. 

I can't wait to go to the house Monday night and see my kitchen!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Snap. Crackle. Pop. Granite.

So... remember how we finally chose granite slabs? Well, got the email today... The email that says our kitchen slab was headed to be cut and it was realized that the slab was cracked and unusable. No lie. For real.

Then the email starts saying our granite is set to be installed later this week. That means that if we want to stay on schedule we have to choose another slab for the kitchen like yesterday.

Well - just so you know - the kitchen was able to be cut from one slab because we found a slab large enough to do so. The kitchen was able to be cut from one slab with no seams because we found a slab large enough to do so. CRACK! No more large slab.

Not only did we have to find another slab yesterday, we had to find a big enough slab that would do the entire kitchen with no seams.

Technology.... We chose a new slab this afternoon via email. Site unseen. Cross your fingers we like it.

Here is what we chose - Valley White Granite:

full slab
close-up of slab
Bye-Bye Bianco Romano... Hello, Valley White!

It Feels Like a Broken Record & Lighting choices!

More decisions.

Yesterday we chose kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, bath faucets, shower heads, closet shelving, direction of wood (that took thought - no lie), direction of tile (less thought), master bath shower tile, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. It's exhausting. Haven't even wrapped my head around what we chose... if I figure it out, I'll blog about it. HA!

Yesterday we also placed our fixture order. Here are the fixtures we ordered for the house. Pray they work! Insert "thanks" to my parents here. My Mom got to deal with my Type A self choosing fixtures alongside her and finally saying eff it and going with whatever was cheaper out of the ideas I had for each room.

Do you like?

stairwell fixture
dining room fixture (Quorum)
half-bath light (Seagull)
kitchen pendants - one on the left (Pottery Barn)
master bath - one over each sink (Seagull)
front and back porch (Lowes)

foyer fixture (Quorum)

Final answers. The rest of the house is cans/white fans/flushmount closet lighting - so easy to order with your electrician. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


This week in words...

Sewage system installed. The installer had the audacity to tell us we needed more dirt. Ummm... tell someone else. Not from this bank account!

Jesse and his Dad built a pump house around the "big thing". Here is the final product. (but this is only one coat of paint. Jesse has done a second coat already. He matched the color with the siding color of the house.)
Kitchen cabinets were delivered this week. They are now hung on the wall. They are covered in plastic, however, as painting began yesterday. Here are pictures of the cabinets as they were being prepped and then you'll see them hung with plastic on them.

All of the cabinets in the house are the same style and color. The kitchen island is being painted gray, however.

Some of these photos aren't great. Sorry.
MMBs bath
MMBs cabinets attached to the wall and covered in plastic.
Kitchen as they are prepping.
Kitchen wall cabinets placed on the floor ready to hang.
Just a look into the drawer to check the quality. 
Kitchen is hung. Covered in plastic. 
Master Bath prepped.
Permanent Power began this week. The meter was hung on the outside of the house. Outlets were installed. 

Painters came and taped off windows and outlets. The entire house was primed yesterday. Here you'll see some before and afters of priming. 

The IKEA cabinets are here! The IKEA cabinets are here! These two cabinets will go in my laundry room. Hopefully Jesse will work on these tonight or in the next couple days. I'm highly impressed with the quality, shipment packaging, and quickness of receipt. 

I can't even wrap my brain around all of the decisions we had to make this week. It is non-stop decisions, no matter how organized and planned you are.... the decisions never stop. 

No clue what will happen at the house this week. I'm hoping painting all week... But, I have no idea. 

Told our current landlord we will be out by December 1st. Told the builder I pulled the trigger and told the landlord December 1st. Now he better perform and get us in this house by the last week in November. Somehow...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trim is Installed!

Trim was installed Friday. The entire house in one day. Doors were hung, windows were trimmed and ledged, and all doors and baseboards installed.

We are not doing crown molding right now. It wasn't a must for me. I can add it later where and when I would like it.

The stair trim is driving me crazy. You may notice it in the pictures. My builder is looking at it for me tomorrow. He knows I'm not a fan...

And for those of you building now or in the near future... if you're like me you may want those big, square, straight-lined baseboards. Well, when you think about how much wood that is and the price of wood... I was laughed at by my builder for adding that to my list. I'll live without it! It would have been amazing, though.

Here are some pictures:

Stair railing will be stained. This big trim is only around the steps. 
See how the trim on the left of this stair is all whack and not straight. #cantdoit
This top step is a little more straight, but look at the visual difference between the left trim and the right... Are you twitching yet like I am? 
Den. Notice the window ledges on all the windows. 

This is inside my bedroom looking at the door. 3" trim all over the house. It will be painted white.
Close-up of window ledges.
Stairwell windows trimmed. Railings installed. 
MMB's windows and bench seat trimmed. 
Guest bedroom door into the attic.
Guest bedroom walk-in into another attic.
A little obnoxious on height here...
Edges don't even meet. #typeA #twitching