Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Waiting Game

I haven't forgotten about you... We're just waiting. And we're still waiting. We're in standing mode right now as we wait on the siding crew to finish another job so that they can begin ours.

As we understand it:
Siding will begin Tuesday.
HVAC will begin Tuesday.
Roofing will begin Thursday.

I'm reminding myself...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tyvek and Flashings are on!

Tyvek is on the entire house.

Flashings are on. I understand flashings as going on the corners of the house as another layer of protection where the roof goes on. I may be totally wrong...

Siding is next. Oh gah I pray I like the color... I'm hoping it's a light tan, not yellow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Workin' Seven Days

The house is active seven days a week. I like. Tyvek is being wrapped on the house today. Keep the work moving!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Stools!

My friends are amazing. I was given a catalog this week and told that the stools I've been on the hunt for were in said catalog. No lie. I want three of these counter stools. Perfection. Thanks, Laura! 

I think everyone should call, text, or FB Jesse today and say how amazing these stools are and that he should let me order three of them today! K? Deal?

Tristan Bar Stool

I've never heard of Grandin Road. Have you? Free shipping until September 15th, so make sure you remind Jesse of that part, too! 

I need these in my life. 

Framing Inspection, Windows are In, and More

Framing inspection - passed!

Windows are in! Well, an issue with one window, but that will be remedied asap.

To the best of my knowledge - Electrician has completed rough-in. Jesse and I played clean-up crew for them this week. Was kinda fun. I need to invest in one of those big push brooms, however. I think I sweat like 12lbs out there at night this week! Plumber has completed rough-in. The Tyvek (sp?) will be put on the house this weekend. Siding comes next week. Then the tin roof. Then the HVAC rough-in. Then the roofline will be insulated with foam. Then the rough-in inspection. (Excuse all the "then the" sentences... You get the picture!)

Contractor says we are on schedule. This week our heat index was well over 100 each day. No rain, however. The lot is nice and dry.

Here is our week in pictures:

Front of house with correct front door. Front door will be painted. 

Back of house with correct back door. Back door will be painted. 
Madalynn's tub. 
Master shower pan.
Fireplace box inserted.
Wall of windows on the stairwell. May be my favorite feature.
Madalynn's bath rough-in.
Electrical panel on the left. Smart panel on the right. 
We had to add a bench seat at Madalynn's bedroom window. Code says you can't have more than 30" egress to a window, so we had to build the bench. It will be built to be functional for storage. 
Another view of the bench seat.

Back to School

I went back to work last week for Teacher Work Days. I thought last week was busy for our little family! Well, I was wrong... this week was insane! MMB started kindergarten and I greeted my new class of 24 lovelies. MMB had a great first week. She loves her teachers and her classroom. She is proud of herself for the new friends she has made. She enjoys coming to work with me each day. She sure was exhausted by Wednesday afternoon, however. This weekend we plan to chill and relax and rejuvenate before we begin another week!

Here are some pics of MMB's first day of kindergarten!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Subs Are In!

It is amazing that my husband tells me today... "Update the blog. People are calling me asking about the house and saying you haven't updated the blog." Sorry! Sorry! I had a week of transition back into work. My goal for now is to update at least every other day, even if it's just to say hey and let you know nothing has happened.

Plumbers are done roughing-in. Piping is run. MMB's tub is installed. Our shower floor is ready. They'll be back when it's time to put on faucets, sinks, etc.

Electrician has begun roughing-in. They began on Friday with the obvious placements of certain outlets and lights. We met with the electrician (my Dad) on Saturday morning to do our walk-thru. It was quite interesting. You never think about the things he asked us to make decisions on. For example, the placement of a lightswitch depends on which way a door swings. Choosing a hanging light vs. a flush light depends on if a door is in swinging distance of the light. It was fun to do a walk-thru with my Dad being on the receiving end. He sure knows what he's doing! His guys are scheduled to complete their rough-in Monday.

Telephone, cable, speakers, etc. are mostly roughed-in. Jesse is doing all of this on his own. He is running what he is wanting and where. He is actually running a little more than we need. For example, I don't need stereo speakers in my kitchen ceiling, but he is running speakers there just in case I want to blare Christmas toons year-round for the entire house to hear one day! Thanks to Seth and Robert for helping! I owe ya a case of your choice. I'm proud of him for doing all of this. This is his niche. I think he really enjoyed playing IT for a day since he's been aviating for a while.

The schedule for the week looks like this: electric rough-in Monday, window delivery Wednesday, framers complete everythingggg Thursday, wood inspection Friday. If all of that happens as planned, siding next week!

Here are some pics Jesse took of his smart panel, jacks, and more of the house!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Windows and Doors!

Sorry I have been MIA. Going back to work after having the summer off has kicked my butt! Since my last update...

  • A few framing details/changes have been made that the contractor marked for the framers to fix/complete.
  • The windows and doors were delivered.
  • The house was treated for termites. 
  • Windows were installed.... four more still have to be installed. One is still on order - our fault since we added one window late in the game. Three are sitting in the house. I'm guessing the framing size needs to be adjusted for them? 
  • Doors were installed. On the wrong doors. Contractor caught it and they should be switched the next time the framers are out. 
  • Extra lumber was picked up and returned. We need the return credit! :-) 
  • Dumpster was cleared... and Dude, it sure was FULL!
  • Jesse got back on his tractor lover and raked the dirt back flat. He also laid some fresh hay around the house where spots were bare from all the work done in the past couple weeks since we first laid.
  • It's rained a TON and the lot is still holding water. We need more dirt and grading as soon as we can afford it. 
  • Siding color was decided and siding was ordered. The questions we were asked about details of siding and trims were foreign to me. I pray our contractor is leading me down the path to the right choices! 
  • Plumber did his walk-thru with the contractor. Y'all, he asked questions like: What side of the shower do you want your shower head on? and Where do you want the spigots outside located? These details never even crossed my mind but seem quite important! How do you make these decisions? I have no idea which wall I want my shower head on.... does it matter? Will I regret my decision on these choices? I decided on putting the shower head on the closet wall (left wall of the shower). Jesse marked and chose the placement of the spigots. 
  • Electircal walk-thru is scheduled for Saturday morning. We attend this to say where we want cable jacks, light switches, light fixtures, etc. I am guessing I will then get a list of fixtures I need to go pick out in the next couple weeks. SHOPPING?? I'm in! 
Here are some updated photos I took last night: 
Windows are installed! 
More windows. See the blue/green stuff? That is the termite spray. 
View of a window from the outside. These windows, only the bottom piece moves and it folds out so you can wash the outside of the window from the inside of the house. I think that type of window has a fancy name, but I have no clue what that fancy name would be. 
Stairwell windows from exterior. That top middle is open, not broken!
House exterior. Those two windows at top were two not install yet. Notice all the standing water on the lot... it makes for an unhappy husband! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Framing Day Eleven - IT LOOKS LIKE A HOUSE!

Y'all. Framing is 95% finished in these photos. Framing inspection tomorrow! WOOHOO! And... the windows and doors were delivered today and will be installed tomorrow, pending successful inspection. Beware. The blog is photo heavy today.

There is a story behind this photo for another day...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Framing Day 10 and Siding

Not much noticeable today. Just more details of walls and rooflines on the outside.

Tonight we also had to choose a siding color. I joked that this felt like naming your child. It is a commitment. We went with "soft maple." It is a soft tan, no yellow and not dark. The biggest thing for me to consider was siding a house with a tin roof. I pray we love the choice. No turning back. I envision it working with the sage'ish green door and shutters I had my eye set on! Fingers crossed. 

Next up is siding, roof, then sub-contractors. Framing will be complete by weeks end. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Framing Day Eight and Nine

Sorry... I was lazy and didn't post yesterday, so here's a double whammy.

Day eight was the beginning of cutting out windows and doors from the plywood surround. You'll see the roofline a bit more too, as it is also being surrounded in plywood.

Day nine the biggest excitement was that STAIRS WERE INSTALLED! I can now go upstairs without being completely scared of falling off. More doors and windows cut out. More roofline completed. More details complete inside. 

Our contractor seems to think (weather permitting) that framing should be completed this week(end)! Yahooooo!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Framing Day Seven

The front elevation is looking pretty amazing right now. I'm really excited for the "drama" from the front staircase windows to have begun framing yesterday.

Here is what the front looked like a couple days ago:

Here is what the front looks like now:

Here is what the final front elevation will look like:

Getting there... baby steps!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Framing Day Six

More progress....
Sorry this picture is blurry.
This is from the second story window. Madalynn's view out her bedroom. Best marsh view in the house!
I climbed upstairs (stairs aren't installed yet). I was quite scared.
From the back of the house. Roofline is noticeable. 
See that window opening in the second door... read below. 
Jesse made our first change. We met with the builder yesterday morning. After seeing the house framed we realized we had an upstairs attic that could potentially be a huge room. We're thinking it will actually be an extension of one of the upstairs bedrooms, so one day Madalynn could have a small den/office/playroom added on to her room. Jesse asked the builder if it was possible. He said yes, as the floor joists were 2x12s, so it will hold the load. We needed to add a window for when we do the addition later (way later). Other than adding the window, there is no cost involved in our change. The only other thing needed is informing the subcontractors to run their things as much to the sides of that room as possible so we aren't moving plumbing and electrical and hvac later during the addition. No structural changes means no change-order needing approval from the bank! Woohoo!

The weather today is calling for 80% chance of rain... so not sure how much will get done on the house today. Fingers crossed.