Saturday, August 2, 2014

Framing Day Six

More progress....
Sorry this picture is blurry.
This is from the second story window. Madalynn's view out her bedroom. Best marsh view in the house!
I climbed upstairs (stairs aren't installed yet). I was quite scared.
From the back of the house. Roofline is noticeable. 
See that window opening in the second door... read below. 
Jesse made our first change. We met with the builder yesterday morning. After seeing the house framed we realized we had an upstairs attic that could potentially be a huge room. We're thinking it will actually be an extension of one of the upstairs bedrooms, so one day Madalynn could have a small den/office/playroom added on to her room. Jesse asked the builder if it was possible. He said yes, as the floor joists were 2x12s, so it will hold the load. We needed to add a window for when we do the addition later (way later). Other than adding the window, there is no cost involved in our change. The only other thing needed is informing the subcontractors to run their things as much to the sides of that room as possible so we aren't moving plumbing and electrical and hvac later during the addition. No structural changes means no change-order needing approval from the bank! Woohoo!

The weather today is calling for 80% chance of rain... so not sure how much will get done on the house today. Fingers crossed. 

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