Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Windows and Doors!

Sorry I have been MIA. Going back to work after having the summer off has kicked my butt! Since my last update...

  • A few framing details/changes have been made that the contractor marked for the framers to fix/complete.
  • The windows and doors were delivered.
  • The house was treated for termites. 
  • Windows were installed.... four more still have to be installed. One is still on order - our fault since we added one window late in the game. Three are sitting in the house. I'm guessing the framing size needs to be adjusted for them? 
  • Doors were installed. On the wrong doors. Contractor caught it and they should be switched the next time the framers are out. 
  • Extra lumber was picked up and returned. We need the return credit! :-) 
  • Dumpster was cleared... and Dude, it sure was FULL!
  • Jesse got back on his tractor lover and raked the dirt back flat. He also laid some fresh hay around the house where spots were bare from all the work done in the past couple weeks since we first laid.
  • It's rained a TON and the lot is still holding water. We need more dirt and grading as soon as we can afford it. 
  • Siding color was decided and siding was ordered. The questions we were asked about details of siding and trims were foreign to me. I pray our contractor is leading me down the path to the right choices! 
  • Plumber did his walk-thru with the contractor. Y'all, he asked questions like: What side of the shower do you want your shower head on? and Where do you want the spigots outside located? These details never even crossed my mind but seem quite important! How do you make these decisions? I have no idea which wall I want my shower head on.... does it matter? Will I regret my decision on these choices? I decided on putting the shower head on the closet wall (left wall of the shower). Jesse marked and chose the placement of the spigots. 
  • Electircal walk-thru is scheduled for Saturday morning. We attend this to say where we want cable jacks, light switches, light fixtures, etc. I am guessing I will then get a list of fixtures I need to go pick out in the next couple weeks. SHOPPING?? I'm in! 
Here are some updated photos I took last night: 
Windows are installed! 
More windows. See the blue/green stuff? That is the termite spray. 
View of a window from the outside. These windows, only the bottom piece moves and it folds out so you can wash the outside of the window from the inside of the house. I think that type of window has a fancy name, but I have no clue what that fancy name would be. 
Stairwell windows from exterior. That top middle is open, not broken!
House exterior. Those two windows at top were two not install yet. Notice all the standing water on the lot... it makes for an unhappy husband! 

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