Saturday, August 23, 2014

Framing Inspection, Windows are In, and More

Framing inspection - passed!

Windows are in! Well, an issue with one window, but that will be remedied asap.

To the best of my knowledge - Electrician has completed rough-in. Jesse and I played clean-up crew for them this week. Was kinda fun. I need to invest in one of those big push brooms, however. I think I sweat like 12lbs out there at night this week! Plumber has completed rough-in. The Tyvek (sp?) will be put on the house this weekend. Siding comes next week. Then the tin roof. Then the HVAC rough-in. Then the roofline will be insulated with foam. Then the rough-in inspection. (Excuse all the "then the" sentences... You get the picture!)

Contractor says we are on schedule. This week our heat index was well over 100 each day. No rain, however. The lot is nice and dry.

Here is our week in pictures:

Front of house with correct front door. Front door will be painted. 

Back of house with correct back door. Back door will be painted. 
Madalynn's tub. 
Master shower pan.
Fireplace box inserted.
Wall of windows on the stairwell. May be my favorite feature.
Madalynn's bath rough-in.
Electrical panel on the left. Smart panel on the right. 
We had to add a bench seat at Madalynn's bedroom window. Code says you can't have more than 30" egress to a window, so we had to build the bench. It will be built to be functional for storage. 
Another view of the bench seat.

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