Sunday, August 17, 2014

Subs Are In!

It is amazing that my husband tells me today... "Update the blog. People are calling me asking about the house and saying you haven't updated the blog." Sorry! Sorry! I had a week of transition back into work. My goal for now is to update at least every other day, even if it's just to say hey and let you know nothing has happened.

Plumbers are done roughing-in. Piping is run. MMB's tub is installed. Our shower floor is ready. They'll be back when it's time to put on faucets, sinks, etc.

Electrician has begun roughing-in. They began on Friday with the obvious placements of certain outlets and lights. We met with the electrician (my Dad) on Saturday morning to do our walk-thru. It was quite interesting. You never think about the things he asked us to make decisions on. For example, the placement of a lightswitch depends on which way a door swings. Choosing a hanging light vs. a flush light depends on if a door is in swinging distance of the light. It was fun to do a walk-thru with my Dad being on the receiving end. He sure knows what he's doing! His guys are scheduled to complete their rough-in Monday.

Telephone, cable, speakers, etc. are mostly roughed-in. Jesse is doing all of this on his own. He is running what he is wanting and where. He is actually running a little more than we need. For example, I don't need stereo speakers in my kitchen ceiling, but he is running speakers there just in case I want to blare Christmas toons year-round for the entire house to hear one day! Thanks to Seth and Robert for helping! I owe ya a case of your choice. I'm proud of him for doing all of this. This is his niche. I think he really enjoyed playing IT for a day since he's been aviating for a while.

The schedule for the week looks like this: electric rough-in Monday, window delivery Wednesday, framers complete everythingggg Thursday, wood inspection Friday. If all of that happens as planned, siding next week!

Here are some pics Jesse took of his smart panel, jacks, and more of the house!

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