Sunday, October 19, 2014


Bathroom countertops were installed this week. If you remember from an earlier post, we selected remnants for both bathrooms. They are both quartz. You get a good look at my bathroom countertop in the photo, but Madalynn's won't photograph well until there is light in there. Hers looks like a dark gray slab in the photo, but it's actually quite shimmery when you get your face up to it!

Master Bath Double-Sinks
Madalynn's Bathroom

Kitchen countertops will be installed on Monday!!!

Remember my other slab was deemed unusable - I chose the new slab via email photos. Then, I Facetimed (yes, Facetimed) the guy that was physically cutting my kitchen slab. He showed me where my cuts where going to be and showed me how he fit my entire kitchen from one large slab. It was kinda interesting, but weird to do over Facetime. 

I can't wait to go to the house Monday night and see my kitchen!!!

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