Sunday, October 12, 2014


This week in words...

Sewage system installed. The installer had the audacity to tell us we needed more dirt. Ummm... tell someone else. Not from this bank account!

Jesse and his Dad built a pump house around the "big thing". Here is the final product. (but this is only one coat of paint. Jesse has done a second coat already. He matched the color with the siding color of the house.)
Kitchen cabinets were delivered this week. They are now hung on the wall. They are covered in plastic, however, as painting began yesterday. Here are pictures of the cabinets as they were being prepped and then you'll see them hung with plastic on them.

All of the cabinets in the house are the same style and color. The kitchen island is being painted gray, however.

Some of these photos aren't great. Sorry.
MMBs bath
MMBs cabinets attached to the wall and covered in plastic.
Kitchen as they are prepping.
Kitchen wall cabinets placed on the floor ready to hang.
Just a look into the drawer to check the quality. 
Kitchen is hung. Covered in plastic. 
Master Bath prepped.
Permanent Power began this week. The meter was hung on the outside of the house. Outlets were installed. 

Painters came and taped off windows and outlets. The entire house was primed yesterday. Here you'll see some before and afters of priming. 

The IKEA cabinets are here! The IKEA cabinets are here! These two cabinets will go in my laundry room. Hopefully Jesse will work on these tonight or in the next couple days. I'm highly impressed with the quality, shipment packaging, and quickness of receipt. 

I can't even wrap my brain around all of the decisions we had to make this week. It is non-stop decisions, no matter how organized and planned you are.... the decisions never stop. 

No clue what will happen at the house this week. I'm hoping painting all week... But, I have no idea. 

Told our current landlord we will be out by December 1st. Told the builder I pulled the trigger and told the landlord December 1st. Now he better perform and get us in this house by the last week in November. Somehow...

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