Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trim is Installed!

Trim was installed Friday. The entire house in one day. Doors were hung, windows were trimmed and ledged, and all doors and baseboards installed.

We are not doing crown molding right now. It wasn't a must for me. I can add it later where and when I would like it.

The stair trim is driving me crazy. You may notice it in the pictures. My builder is looking at it for me tomorrow. He knows I'm not a fan...

And for those of you building now or in the near future... if you're like me you may want those big, square, straight-lined baseboards. Well, when you think about how much wood that is and the price of wood... I was laughed at by my builder for adding that to my list. I'll live without it! It would have been amazing, though.

Here are some pictures:

Stair railing will be stained. This big trim is only around the steps. 
See how the trim on the left of this stair is all whack and not straight. #cantdoit
This top step is a little more straight, but look at the visual difference between the left trim and the right... Are you twitching yet like I am? 
Den. Notice the window ledges on all the windows. 

This is inside my bedroom looking at the door. 3" trim all over the house. It will be painted white.
Close-up of window ledges.
Stairwell windows trimmed. Railings installed. 
MMB's windows and bench seat trimmed. 
Guest bedroom door into the attic.
Guest bedroom walk-in into another attic.
A little obnoxious on height here...
Edges don't even meet. #typeA #twitching

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