Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shower Door Debate...

So my master bathroom shower is a pan bottom with white subway tiles to the ceiling. It is a five foot opening. I ran to the glass place the other day on my lunch to select shower doors for the master shower.

My builder told me to tell the woman my budget first, then show her what I like.

I knew exactly what I wanted, as we have the perfect shower door in the house we are in now. I wanted the same shower door!

Well... you can probably guess that the shower door I wanted wasn't in my budget.

Here is what she told me I could get:

I don't care for the nickel plating all the way around the glass on all sides, top, and bottom. AND, this class is 1/4" thick, so it shakes and rattles every time you open and close the door. 

So when I left there, she was quoting my builder for the door I can afford and the door I want. Awaiting to see how much of a price difference this is. I believe it's going to be worth it to make the upgrade. 

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