Sunday, October 5, 2014

IKEA Order

**Let it be known that I am choosing to blog on this chilly Sunday morning while procrastinating on a grade school paper. This last grad class is quite brutal. I have lost interest and am counting down the days. TWENTY.**

Have you ever ordered from IKEA?

I've only been inside of an IKEA a handful of times. I'm in awe at all they have to offer. When I'm in the store, however, I get overwhelmed at the amount of possibilities. I guess I've only been in to "browse" and have never gone with an agenda.

Well, I wanted to find a couple cabinets for my laundry room. I knew IKEA kitchens were pretty hot right now, so I decided to take a peek and see what they had to offer. So, the IKEA cabinet search began online. (Jesse and I had plans to do this in a store a couple weekends ago but plans fell through, so the online adventure started.) I didn't know so much could be shipped to your house from their website. I was under the impression you had to be in the store to get their items.

IKEA kitchen cabinets come in all sorts of colors, sizes, faces, etc. You've got to know what you're wanting before you begin searching because the possibilities are endless. I knew what size I needed. I knew I wanted white or gray cabinets. I knew I needed wall hanging ability. I knew I wanted the same cabinet, with the ability to hang the door on either side of the cabinet. I knew I wanted a high-end look on a low-end budget.

IKEA's hardware choices are as varietal as everything else they have to offer. You've got to know what you're wanting before you begin searching because the possibilities are endless. I knew I wanted something white and silver. I knew I wanted  handle, not a pull or a knob. I knew I wanted something about 4", not the big 12" handles you see all over the place right now.

Here is what I ordered.

Cabinet. White cabinet. Gray door. 15"x39"
Handles I ordered.
This is what the handle looks like on on the gray cabinet.
The cabinets and pulls would be shipped directly to my house. I ordered them this morning. They are said to arrive on/by October 14th. Shipping prices are quite expensive, however, somehow I qualified for a bit of a kitchen cabinet discount as a promotion right now. I figure the shipping prices are quite less than the gas alone to travel to the closest IKEA (four hours away). 

Cross your fingers! I'm hoping the quality is what I'm looking for!

Once we have the cabinets assembled and delivered to the house, the builder has agreed to hang the cabinets for me. Could I have had him order the cabinets from his provider and him put them together? Yes. Why didn't I? I knew what I was looking for and just went ahead and did it, with his permission. Yes, I paid for them. He will just hang them. I figured let's do it now instead of waiting until after we get in the house.

AND... I should mention that this week our kitchen appliance package arrived! They're in boxes and sitting in  a garage. We may have peeked in the boxes. Maybe...

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