Thursday, November 6, 2014

15 Days, But Who's Counting?

Today's progress: shoe molding, plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances, I think that's all.

Enjoy Jesse's blurry photos!

Kitchen with appliances! Dishwasher is in the island, you can't see it in this photo. 
Half-Bath. Love the shape of the pedestal sink - but damn that thing is small! 
Master Bath shower with fixtures. 
MMBs bathroom fixtures. 
I can't wait to get in there with my real camera and take for-real photos when it's all done and clean! I'll go picture happy on my phone this weekend during the day to get better shots.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for paint to get/be 100% finished - lots more to still paint. Electrician has more work. Closets needs to be installed and mirrors, too. Carpet needs to be installed. Washer and Dryer need installing. No clue as to what else needs to happen that I don't know about.

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