Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Haven't Forgotten About You!

I need to start updating again each day, because a lot is happening these days. I apologize for my absence. I've been in packing Haites (sp?) for the past couple weekends.

Here are some photo updates. I will attempt to get to the house tomorrow before the sun goes down to get better, updated photos. See the captions for the information of what is happening in the photo!

Madalynn's chandelier from her nursery that is now in her big girl room! The walls appear to be a weird color here - they are a light purple in person. 
My stairwell chandelier. It's like a birdcage. It's a rustic/beat up white color. Love it!
Master bath. Notice cabinet hardware. Notice faucets. 
Master bath potty. See the tile? It looks dirty here. In person it looks like gray wood grain tiles. 
Master shower with shelving. White subway tile with gray grout. Tile goes to the ceiling. P.S. I'm getting the shower door I wanted! I think I blogged about this before...
Standing in dining looking into the kitchen. Notice Jesse's pine floors. Notice gray island. Sink hardware is on. Cabinet hardware is on. Door to the left is storage closet under the stairs - where I will store small appliances to keep them out of my few cabinets and off counters. 
Another view. Standing in living room, looking into dining and kitchen. Notice the dining chandelier - it won't normally be that high. It's a rustic/beat-up brown color. I'll get a better picture in the day. Stair rail on the left isn't stained yet. Stairs will be carpet. 
Standing in dining looking into living. Jesse got surround sound. I need to blog about the speakers/system he put in this house. Oy vey. Door to the right is a coat closet. I bought a tv console to go to the left of the fireplace last weekend. I think it will work well! 
Daylight photo of the fireplace from the other day. 
Front porch with primer. Gutters were installed. Front porch galvanized light! :-)
Front of the house. See the chandelier in the front windows?! Don't mind the paint samples on the front door. It took us a while to decide. We went with a dark green. Let's pray I like it... Or else I'm not afraid to tell 'em to redo it. I'm actually pretty good about that these days. 
Okay. I need you:
1. Where else can I look for area rugs that don't cost a mortgage payment? 
2. I want roman shades in the kitchen, I think... Do you have any? Like them? Where do I find good patterned ones? Or should I just do blinds?
3. Where can I find good deals on outdoor cushions in the fall/winter? 

Hope you like it! Final walk-thru is scheduled for the 21st at 4pm. We could potentially get keys at this walk-thru. PRAY. Pray hard. 

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  1. Someone recommended Lowe's for Roman shades. I am looking too for the Carolina room in our house...9 windows=big bucks. I'll keep you posted as I start really digging for them. :)