Thursday, November 20, 2014

The End is Near - Catch-Up

Sorry. I've been busy. I've thought about blogging plenty, but just haven't had the free minute to sit and type. A sick child with a NASTY stomach bug has allowed me a down minute to sit.

There's a lot to catch you up on.

I haven't ordered or found a rug yet for the living room. We are debating on size and an appropriate amount to spend on a rug. I believe I'll hit Home Goods soon and take the plunge. We did, however, order a couch yesterday for the living room. The one we wanted isn't available until Christmas. We ordered a second choice - if we don't like it, they'll exchange it. Here's a photo:
This is the color and style - however, the one we got is an L-shaped 3-piece sectional.
The master shower got a glass door. 

 The mailbox is up and stickered. After Jesse gave the mailbox stickering an honest try, I called in some friendly reinforcements and stickered the mailbox a bit fancier!

Choosing a color for the front door was just as exhausting as choosing a siding color. This picture looks a bit more bright than what it really is... the door is a big sager in person. I'll attempt a better photo soon.

 Closets were installed. We went basic rod and shelf everywhere. When we get in and decide what our master needs, that closet will get a revamping - one day.
One corner of master closet - this goes across three walls.
Under the stairs closet - I will use these shelves for small kitchen appliances and Sam's Club size purchases.
MMBs closet - and yes, that door leads to her finished hide-out.
Guest closet. The door goes to attic where water heater and such is. 
The laundry room has a light now, so you can see in a bit better. My cabinets are hung and knobbed.
Washer and Dryer are delivered today. 
We went for CO on Monday. We did not pass for two things - carpet was not installed (some say you can pass without carpet, depending on the inspector) and the fireplace needed one more inch of brick before the mantle began. One inch. Here's a photo of the fireplace before and the fireplace now. It should be mudded this morning. 

Jesse and I walked the house last weekend with a big huge light. We marked the walls and made a punch list for the entire house. The punch list is getting worked through. The painters are at the house today finishing their things. I HIGHLY recommend using a huge light when you walk your home to create a punch list, the light lit things I would have never seen or caught. 

Carpet was installed yesterday. The bedrooms, den, and stairs are carpeted in the home. 
MMB showing off on a ladder. You can see stair carpet behind her. 
Top part of stairs. She wanted to model last night - pre-stomach bug.
Jesse used extra brick to make a stomping pad at the front doors. The top still needs to be cleaned, but you get the idea. 

MMB's bench seat/toybox is complete. We are trying to figure out how to keep it open because the lid is quite heavy. I'm thinking we leave the lid open until we need it closed or hidden. She can't lift it. I still need to get a bench seat made or ordered - if you have any leads on this - email me! 

Jesse decided to stucco the base of the house. This doesn't have to be done before CO, so they should come within the week I'm guessing. It will help the house look complete. The form board look wasn't exciting to us. 

Jesse planted to huge trees in the yard last week. He planted a river birch and a crepe myrtle. One in the front, one in the back. I'm thinking hydrangeas across the front of the house... not sure yet, though. He also through out rye grass seed last week. He plans to get rye started through the winter and then throw seed down appropriately in the spring - so we'll have a dirt-y winter! He's working his butt off for us. Thanks, Jesse!

Have you seen the mirrors hung? Here's a picture of our master bath mirrors. 

I think that is all. We go for CO again today. Cross your fingers! Send up a prayer or two. 

Right now the hopeful schedule is: CO today, painters finish today, cleaners come tomorrow, final walk-thru at 4pm tomorrow, MOVE IN STARTS THIS WEEKEND! Couch comes Monday. Hoping to get cable and phone and internet to come out on Monday, too. I'm off next week. Perfect week to move. 

Cross your toes! And, have I mentioned that packing sucks?! 

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