Saturday, January 3, 2015

Moving Went...

like this...

We got CO from the inspector on the Friday before Thanksgiving. We did a walk-thru with our builder that afternoon. He gave us the run-down on a few things that had not yet arrived (window screens, new cooktop since the first one was scratches, etc.). We made a complete punch list with him. Nothing on the list we created with him hindered us from moving in.

So... What did Jesse and I do?! Headed to the old house and got a load of furniture! We loaded his truck and a pull-behind trailor of his Father's. :-) Between our loads that night and a handful of loads Jesse and his Dad brought over, we had furniture in and placed.

Then the rain came. Thank goodness we took loads that night and the next morning because the rain started and didn't stop for five days!

I still had a good bit at the old house that was not yet packed, but luckily I was off of work that next week and could make trips back and forth loading and unloading.

Everything went downhill that next Tuesday. The stomach bug haunted me. Five days straight. Finally got myself an IV and two meds to put me on the mend that next Saturday. FIVE DAYS. I was down for the count. No thanksgiving. No family time. No moving. No packing and unpacking. Nothing.

Thank God for my amazing husband (he also took that week off to move) and his family. They did most of the moving between houses and even helped with cleaning the old house. It was done!

We were in boxes for about another week but quickly our house started feeling like a home once we had health and life.

Now, if you come to the house - one month later - everything has a home and is placed minus the "boy room" (another topic for another day) and the guest room (which is home to tons of boxes I need to go through and place or store in the attic).

Moral of this story: with nice weather and health, you can move on your own with a little help from the ones that you love!

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