Sunday, January 4, 2015

That Time I Almost Burnt the House Down

Yesterday MMB asked for macaroni for lunch. While I make a mean homemade mac (Thanks, Dad), our quick go-to is 2% Velvetta microwave bowl. I took the top off, took out the sauce packet and threw the mac in the microwave for 3min.

About 2min later, I smelled burning but had no idea where it was coming from. At the same time a puff of colored dirty smoke came out of my brand new microwave. I told MMB to go outside in case alarm went off - she dislikes home alarms. I took out the mac. We got all the doors opened. I opened kitchen windows. I brgan fanning the smoke with a cookie sheet.

The alarm did not sound. Phew! 

Here is what I pulled out of the microwave:

Looks tasty, right? 

I didn't put water in the mac.

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