Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Today was a busy day of bits and pieces... Enjoy!

  • We have power! Check out this amazing silver box that will somehow magically provide power to the entire house!

  • We have a closing date for the construction loan. Everything we've done so far with the house has been out of pocket. Next week we will close on the construction loan. This is good, because I am no longer watching my savings dwindle. This is not so good, because now I am paying rent at the house we are in now and the mortgage. Joy! Cross your fingers and toes that everything will go as planned for a closing date next week!
  • I've talked to the bank and lawyer 85 times today. How do I repay these people for their service? I know it's there job, but everyone is so helpful and deals with my many questions so professionally. I'm thinking a "Builder Open House" when we get in the house. I'm thinking oyster roast. Right? That's okay, right? Or do I send them something now?
  • We met with the builder today to finalize a couple things. We mostly reviewed the budget and timeline. So far we are below budget and running on time. Next week should bring footings, plumbing, some electrical, etc. on the lot. Progress. 
  • I ordered these wall hooks this morning. I am going to use it in Madalynn's bathroom. I'm going to use it instead of a towel bar. Here she can hang her towel, bathrobe, and clothes. Do you use hooks in your bathrooms instead of a towel bar? If so, tell me I made a good choice! I'm thinking that I am going frilly, shabby-chic in her bathroom. Light pastel ruffled shower curtain, cream colored towels, stainless, flowers, etc. Like? 

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