Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our "Dark and Stormy"

I'm obsessed. I have artwork for my fireplace in the new house! Like, amazing artwork. I feel like it is Christmas morning. My jaw dropped when I saw this painting for the first time...

Margaret Golson Pearman is a local friend whose talent is not measurable. Check her out on Facebook. Take at look at her album called Margaret's Artwork. Her paintings are to die for. Quality. Original. Lowcountry. Rustic. Timeless. I could keep going. You may find her at the next Calhoun Street Festival or may score big if you visit Eggs 'N Tricities on Calhoun and are lucky enough to find an available canvas! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Jesse and I fell in love with Margaret's "Dark and Stormy" at Mayfest this past May in Downtown Bluffton. Unfortunately, she had just sold it! So, we asked to be first on the list for the next one. She offered me the next one yesterday and I picked it up today! Worth every penny. And let me tell you her pricing is definitely reasonable.

This may be in my Top Five "big girl" purchases of all time.

*Disclaimer - these photos do not do the painting justice. The coloring, texture, brush strokes... amazing.*

Photo Cred: Margaret Golson Pearman
Close-up of the face.
Look at that claw! 
This will be the first thing hung in my home as soon as we have a Certificate of Occupancy. I will post our Dark and Stormy again when I place it in it's forever home above my fireplace. And... I can't wait until we get in the home and I can see what other pieces I can add to my collection. 

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