Monday, September 1, 2014

Madalynn's Bedding

Okay, okay... I couldn't pass up a couple Labor Day sales.

Stocked up on bedding for MMB at the Labor Day Sale + an extra 30% off bedding at Pottery Barn Kids.

The walls of her room will be a light, dusty purple - per her request. The chandelier from her nursery will hang in her new room. This bedding I thought would compliment the purple, and also bring in the white and pink from her chandelier. Her furniture is white, except her night table is a coral/pink color.

I don't want her room to scream purple. I don't want her room to scream pink. I want it to scream young lady. I am hoping this all works together when we get settled in the house. In my mind it all makes sense, but when the bedding comes in I will throw it against the purple paint and make sure. A pale yellow may work better than the purple, but we'll give the purple a go.

Whatcha think?

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