Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So Many Decisions...

The roof started today. I still can't say I'm in love. I need to see the whole she-bang in the sun, not just a piece of it in the clouds... It's quite bright right now. It looks white from afar. It will look better with age, I know. It's a galvanized metal roof. Reflection central when it's new!

We had to choose appliances tonight. Here is what we chose. I am all about a bottom freezer. 

We finalized our cabinet plans tonight. Made one change in the kitchen that I will explain further in a post later in the week. 

We pick our granite slabs on Friday. I have a vision... I hope to find "it" at the slab yard, in my budget. 

Be honest. Leave me comments and tell me what you think of the roof and the siding!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emalee! First of all congratulations in your new home it is so exciting and draining, but at the end so worth it.
    I have a product that I would like you to review and use once you move in and decorate your home. If and when you are ready to do so contact me. my email is paola{at}rugpadcorner{dot}com.
    Have a wonderful experience choosing every detail.