Monday, September 15, 2014

Roof and Siding Complete

Roof is 100% complete.

Siding is 100% complete.

Rough-in inspection is PASSED.

Below are updated exterior photos. Porches still aren't complete. Doors need to be painted - I'm picking a sage'ish green color for the doors. Fixtures aren't up. But you get the gist from these photos.

I'm not liking how the siding looks different in various lights. I'm hoping once the porches "ground" the front and the door is painted, I may be in love.

I'm loving the roof, but the newness of galvanized metal is quite stark in color!

Now we begin the shutter debate... Have knowledge of shutters? Email me! I have 85 questions.

Insulation tomorrow. Hopefully drywall by week's end.

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