Thursday, September 4, 2014

Siding and HVAC Rough-In

HVAC Rough-In was installed Tuesday and Wednesday. HVAC is complete. The walls/roofline of my house now look like this:

Siding installation started Tuesday. What they thought was going to take them two days to install is now on track to be four to five days. Siding should be complete by Saturday. We have normal siding planks, board and batten, and siding planks installed on a diagonal. You'll notice what I mean in these pictures. The siding is more cream colored than tan. DON'T use the "y" word. It's cream'ish tan. K? I need to visualize it with the galvanized tin before I say I'm in love. Here is what the siding has looked like as it has progressed this week: 
That is board and batten. It is vertical planks of siding. 
Front main windows are board and batten. 
Side view of front main windows. 
Horizontal siding planks on side and around fireplace. Board and batten in dormer. Diagonal planks at window.
Better view of all types of siding. You'll understand the purpose when it's all done. 
Like it? Color okay?


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  2. With all the work that was being done on your house, September seemed to be a pretty busy month for you. Thankfully, two major parts has been installed properly – the siding and the HVAC system. It's good that those are functional already, especially with winter just around the corner. How was it, btw?

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

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  4. Your workers deserve a pat on the back for a job well done! I can only imagine the effort they exerted, in order to finish the HVAC as soon as possible. Anyway, I’m excited to see the progress of your house, Emalee. And I think you made a great choice on the color for your siding, by the way. Keep us posted!

    Harvey Chapman @ LibertyComfortSystems

  5. Wow! The development is really fast. It looks like you've got the best manpower working for you. I should say that the installation of the HVAC was done really well. Thanks for sharing that, Emalee! Kudos and all the best!

    Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating

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